Off-Duty Security When You Need It

We Provide Peace-Of-Mind, Maintaining A Constant Sense Of Safety And
Security By Offering Off-Duty Services.
Why Your Company Should Choose Off-Duty Officers Over Security Guards
When we’re talking about security guards, many companies impose a strict “Observe and Report” policy, which limits the liability for the security company but offers no immediate solution when you need action to be taken fast. That means the security guard can merely watch as customers are being assaulted and property is being stolen or destroyed.

People want to feel SAFE and businesses that allow various forms of misbehavior and criminality to go unaddressed because security guards are under orders to take no action can develop a reputation for being an unsafe place to frequent. WHAT YOU TOLERATE YOU GET MORE OF.

Off duty officers have increased capabilities to deter and prevent crime because of advanced equipment, commanding uniforms and effective communication skills which security guards may or may not possess.

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We Go Beyond Simply Guarding Premises To Provide Full Security Services.

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