The deployment of off duty officers increases professional image, establishes a more effective security presence and provides greater enforcement capabilities, significantly reducing the likelihood that your business or client will become a target for criminal activity. Criminals assess risk too.

Make your business a risky endeavor to victimize. Our network of off duty officers are committed to providing the highest level of protection while limiting liability to our clients.

Executive Protection

Our off-duty officers are also cross-trained in executive protection, convoy vehicle operations and close protection details. We plan routes, scout locations and work to ensure our clients move about their business safely and efficiently.

Site Patrolling

The bread and butter of the security world. Hire trained and certified off-duty law enforcement officers to conduct patrols of your business.

Plain Clothes Enforcement

In certain environments, the cell phone cameras immediately come out when uniformed officers arrive. If you’re looking for effective protection without the high visibility of the uniform, our plain clothes division is the right solution.

Corporate Threat Management

There are infinite and often unexpected events that could negatively impact the workplace. Our threat management team trains and prepares employees and managers for a wide variety of workplace emergencies to include active shooters, workplace violence, situational awareness, natural disasters and medical emergencies.


Do you suspect an employee or an outside entity of negatively impacting your business by engaging in various forms of misbehavior or unlawful activity? We offer premier investigative services to assist in resolving internal and external security matters so businesses can run more efficiently.

Facility Security Planning

We have expert consultants who specialize in developing safety protocols in the workplace. Whether it’s designing fire escape routes, earthquake evacuation protocols or identifying potential weak points in your business that invite criminality. Contact one of our qualified consultants and update your business’s facility emergency plans.

Why Work With Evergreen Off Duty?

  • Our nationwide network of officers means we can get you off-duty security quickly.

  • All of the officers we work with are active, certified and highly skilled.

  • ODSOA is your single point of contact, available 24/7.

  • Our experience & expertise focused on service.

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